Below is a list of links to websites that provide some great information on a variety of topics related to veterinary medicine and pet health care.

Getting a new pet, whether it be a dog or a cat, is a new, exciting, and sometimes daunting task.  Below are some websites to give you the best chance to make the right choice for you and/or your family.
American Kennel Club or 5 StarDog – Dog Breeds
Cat Fancier’s Association or The International Cat Association –  Cat Breeds
Growing Up With Pets – A parents resource for raising happy kids with healthy pets

Keeping your “family member” healthy is another important aspect.
Healthy Pet – Dog and Cat Care
Dental Care –  Periodontal Disease Control, Treatment, & Prevention
Pets and Parasites – Information on control and prevention of parasites
American Heartworm Society – Information on heartworm disease and prevention
ASPCA Animal Poison Control – Find toxic/non-toxic plants; information for poison-related emergencies (not a replacement for veterinary care)
Homeagain – Microchip – Animal recovery and Identification
Canidae – All natural dog and cat food for all life stages

For more information on Disaster Preparedness Plans

For more information on Veterinary Medicine:
American Veterinary Medical Association
Texas Veterinary Medical Association
North American Veterinary Technician Association

Pet Insurance
VPI Pet Insurance
Purina Care Pet Health Insurance

Disclaimer:The websites or links listed are not directly associated with Animal Clinic at Mission Square, thus we assume no responsibility, offer no warranties, and will not be liable for damages to any person or pet for information or statements acquired through any or all of the links listed. Any kind of advice or medical information found on these sites does not replace professional veterinary care. Any medical condition should be examined by a trained, licensed doctor of veterinary medicine before any medical decisions are decided and/or implemented.